Blowing Up: Oceanics

G’day, mates!  (Sorry, I’m American and I had to…)  Oceanics are a group of indie rockers from Gold Coast, Australia who play a seriously catchy pop rock reminiscent of the Kooks.  Their debut EP, “Get Friendly, Mistress Maybe” came out in March and the band is currently making a name for themselves by playing everywhere and anywhere they can.  Now while they’re touring around their country, I fully expect you to seek out their EP and start getting into them immediately.  That’s an order, actually.

If you want some hard facts, the band is composed of Elliot Weston (Guitar and Vocals), Jackson Haswell (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Geisel (Drums), and Tom Garnett (Bass).  I literally just found out that they list the Strokes as an influence (though it makes sense), as well as the aforementioned Kooks and the one and only Cat Empire.  I thought I was the only person on earth who knew about Cat Empire until right now, so my mind is kind of blown.  Anyway, Oceanics have begun working on a new EP already, and hopefully have started to think about coming over to the US for a show or two.  At least that’s what I’m  hoping.

Oceanics – $12 Specs


One response to “Blowing Up: Oceanics

  1. Howdy,

    Cheers for the super kind words!! Shoot me an email to and I’ll be sure you get a copy of the new tracks that we are actually in the studio recording today!!

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