Saves the Day – “Anywhere With You”

Emo is a tricky subject to get into, but I’m obviously not afraid to go there when it’s called for.  My early teen years saw far too many musical styles enter and quickly leave my mental music library, emo being one of them.  Yet despite being a young and dumb kid, I did happen to recognize a few talented bands within the genre.  One of these groups was Saves the Day, forever led by NJ’s own Chris Conley.

When it comes down to it, the singer is ultimately what defines any emo band, putting them into one of two categories: listenable and unlistenable.  Conley, for the most part, has kept Saves the Day in the listenable category.  His lyrics have never been too morose, his voice is actually fantastic (at least on everything but Under the Boards), and his songwriting has not only been great, but it’s never even been that emo.  The band has been pretty much alternative rock for their whole career.  Sadly, once labeled, always labeled, and Saves the Day is still considered ’emo.’

I argue here that they are no more removed from being a typical ‘indie’ band than the Thermals or Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are.  Give them a chance and you might be surprised…

Saves the Day – Anywhere With You


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