Tokyo Police Club – “Under Control (Strokes cover)”

By this point Tokyo Police Club are definitely in my top ten favorite bands, and this might have just bumped them up an extra notch or two.  While Julian Casablancas is always raving about his love of reggae and Bob Marley, the sound itself never truly makes it into his work without being put through the ‘Strokes filter.’  That filter also has the side effect of making everything sound amazing, by the way.  Tokyo Police Club put the song through their filter instead and “Under Control” comes out like Dave Monks wrote it after smoking a tad too many pots and listening to that Legend bonus disk of Marley remixes one too many times.

You can decide if you like the reggae vibe for yourself…


2 responses to “Tokyo Police Club – “Under Control (Strokes cover)”

  1. I’m actually surprised at how much I’m enjoying this cover
    the original, of course, is untouchable. it’s one of my f avourite love songs ever. but this cover is fun and well done =)
    thanks for posting

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