Album Review: Middle Bother – Middle Brother

I might be a tad late on this, but I finally got a chance to listen to Middle Brother this weekend.  It’s the ‘supergroup’ album by John McCauley of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith ofDawes, and Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit.  I must say that, with so much actual talent involved, it doesn’t really disappoint in any way.  The whole LP is a blend of folk rock with strong servings of 50s harmony and early rockabilly thrown in for good measure.

McCauley and his voice stick out above everything else here, and that’s a great thing since he does most of the harder rocking songs.  This includes rock ‘n’ roller “Middle Brother,” which is my personal favorite at the moment.  The more traditional voices of Goldsmith and Vasquez get to sing backup and the majority of mid-tempo tunes, which suit them equally as well.  Highlights include Vasquez putting his Delta signature on the pure doo-wop of”Someday,” Goldsmith aping the Avett Brothers in “Wilderness,” and the Travelling Wilburys spirit imbued in “Me Me Me.”  While I can’t say the album breaks absolutely any ground whatsoever in absolutely any way, I will say the whole thing is a joy to listen to.  Especially on repeat.

Middle Brother – Middle Brother


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  1. .MGV stands for McCauley Goldsmith and VasquezMore specifically John McCauley frontman of Deer Tick Taylor Goldsmith frontman of Dawes and Matt Vasquez frontman of Delta Spirit. Deer Tick chose Dawes to support a leg of their summer 2009 tour during which McCauley and Goldsmith developed an affinity for each others songwriting.

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