Mason Jennings @ Irving Plaza 9/24/2011

Just about anybody who’s a true fan of Hawaiian demigod Jack Johnson knows about his good friend and occasional tourmate Mason Jennings.  Mason just released his tenth LP, Minnesota, and is on a countrywide trek to support it.  It’s a great batch of new music from an amazing musician, and he happened to put on a great show last night over on Irving St. in New York.

Jennings’ music falls into the folkier side of the singer/songwriter genre, whereas Johnson’s taps into more elements of hawaiian and reggae stylings.  Both are still extremely mellow styles by nature, but the former’s translates a bit better into the full band approach.  Mason was accompanied by his friend Jake, who added quite a bit of extra instrumentation in the form of guitar, bass, and drums (depending on the song).  This helped fleshed out the songwriter’s newer and simpler piano based album, but also did favors to his older material, much of which is just straight ‘guy and his guitar’ folk.

The ultimate vibe anybody gets from Mason Jennings is that he’s just a nice guy, and this is purely the part of his being that shines the brightest.  He doesn’t need to show off because the honesty of his songs does it for him.  Coupled with the fact that he has one of the greatest and most recognizable voices in his genre makes it worth checking whatever he’s done in the past, along with whatever he’ll be doing next.  It’s surprising he hasn’t reached the level of notoriety his equally talented buddy has…

Mason Jennings – Nothing (First song, First album, My Favorite)


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