White Shoes & the Couples Company – “Senja Mengglia”

I want to cook pasta with this as the soundtrack. White Shoes play world music because they’re from Indonesia, which explains the interesting band name.  The group plays through a bunch of different styles, and they achieve that awesome effect of sounding like an American group from the past.  Henceforth, let it be known that I’m a complete sucker for anything that sound like a 60s Bollywood movie. Here’s a press release description:

Album Vakansi (translated: Vacation Album) features Indonesian legendary and respected musicians, Oele Pattiselanno and Fariz RM. The thirteen songs-repertoire is more than a collection of singles; it’s a journey across different moods and feelings, all unified under the theme of travelling. Yet while it is advised to listen to the album as a whole, each song in the album could stand on their own, for each has their own personality. And as said, it successfully captured different feelings and nuances of travelling. With top notch recording and beautifully designed sleeve, the album is well suited for all of your vacation moods, thus making it the perfect accompaniment for your vacation.

Here’s a taste, but it’s worth finding the rest if you can.  Enjoy!

White Shoes & the Couples Company – “Senja Mengglia”


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