Ghost Pal – “So Inside”

You Don't Talk Circles Cover Art

After I questioned the continued existence of Hysterics a few months ago, I was actually contacted by Oliver Ignatius, the group’s singer/songwriter. He informed me that the band sadly no longer exists, which hit me somewhere between ‘Phantom Planet is on hiatus’ and ‘Harlem Shakes call it quits despite their unbelievable potential.’

Alas, from the ashes rises something new, and Oliver’s current project is something called Ghost Pal. The recordings on their bandcamp are free, and lean heavily toward the psychedelic side of what Hysterics did a few years ago. The solid songwriting is still there, and the band is planning to release a debut EP in the winter.  I was always a fan of Hysterics more poppy material, and the track embedded below follows that sentiment.  It’s slower,

Oliver and co. are currently playing shows around the Brooklyn area and recording, so you’re pretty much bound to run into them at some point.  Tell them I say hello when you do.




One response to “Ghost Pal – “So Inside”

  1. Ghost Pal are essentially a collective with talented multi-instrumentalist Oliver Ignatius at the helm. .Its a risky business for the less experienced but thats something that Oliver Ignatius knows a little bit about.

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