Jhameel – “Shut Up”

Jhameel is a perfect quote on his own website.

“Jhameel creates explosively funky music comprised of soul-stirring guitar, immersive synthesizers, triumphant brass, and athletic, melodic vocals inspired equally by Prince and Michael Jackson.  Jhameel plays each and every instrument on his records himself, creating catchy melodies that settle easily into your mind with human lyrical themes that continue to challenge the heart.” 

Beside possibly always speaking in the third person (awesome, I know), Jhameel’s bio gives you all the information you need on him.  He almost joined the army, he speaks multiple languages, and he makes “Prince-y” music.  I hate Prince, personally, but I can dig what Jhameel is up to.  He’s quite prolific and doesn’t mind giving away a bunch of music as well, which is always cool.  There’s at  free EP and album on his site, so he obviously wants his music to be heard.

On top of all this, he markets himself as androgynous and has a kind of Ziggy Stardust thing going on.  While all this craziness took a while to grow on me, it’s the song below that got me hooked.  It’s a funky dance track that completely hits the same vibe as “When You Walk In the Room” by Fyfe Dangefield.  These two songs are how I got my groove back.

Jhameel – Shut Up


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