Album Review: Bosco Delrey – Everybody Wah

I love it when a musician just exudes cool, whether they do it through their looks, style, overall vibe, or (god forbid) actual music.  Bosco Delrey does all of this, and his music itself shows that–once again– rock and roll never dies, it just gets re-imagined.  In this case, it’s the early rockabilly sound of the fifties that gets spliced with some psychedelic space and early electronic sounds, creating something unlike anything I’ve personally heard.

The album opens with “Baby’s Got a Blue Flame,” and sounds like an Elvis impersonator did a few too many psychedelics.  I mean that in the best possible way, trust me.  “Get Outta Dodge” actually comes off like an Animal Collective meets Miles Kane mash-up, following the verse-chorus formula respectively.  The rockabilly greaser comes back on “Don Haps,” while a sixties garage rocker takes the reins on the oddly hysterical “Lovely Sleepy Dead.”  The biggest appeal of this album is how the songs all have Delrey to unify them, even though they come from quite disparate places.  My favorite track is without a doubt “Glow Go the Bones,” which carries a sultry vibe while pretty much sounding like and describing a Halloween skeleton dance party.  Yes, you may reread that sentence.

The album slows down a bit for the second half and lets Delrey do some quite excellent crooning on sock hop enders “Expelled Spelled Expelled,” “Insta Love,” and  “Down We Go.”  The latter actually sounds like a mix of Girls’ Christopher Owens and the incomparable (till now?) Devendra Banhart.  The only out of place track might be the randomly electro-fied “20 Flight Dub,” but even that’s not too much of a stretch for the talents of Delrey.  To wrap things up, this album is weird, fanastic, and bound to be on my year end list.

Bosco Delrey – Glow Go the Bones


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