Blowing Up: Hanni El Khatib

Between Bosco Delrey and Hanni El Khatib, my cool-named rock ‘n’ roller quota is complete for 2011.  The two artists should seriously consider touring together, as their sounds are more than just comparable.  Throw in Jack White for good measure and you might just have the best tour of 2012 in front of you.  Seriously.

Hanni El Khatib hits all the right spots when he shoots for that bare minimalism of early rock, and even steps into blues territory on a few tunes.  His debut album, Will the Guns Come Out, is fantastic and a must listen for any fan of the White Stripes or These United States (he sounds a lot like Jesse Elliot).  He even does the early rocker trend of putting more than a few covers on his debut, and his version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is a definite high point on an album with no lows.

“Dead Wrong” is my favorite track, and gives me that chill that Hair Rocket did earlier in the year.  Enjoy!

Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong by dimusics


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