Album Review: Calm Paradox – How To Mind

How to Mind Cover Art

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to posting, and that upsets me.  I finally got a chance to listen to Calm Paradox (the project of Michelle Kennedy) and now I feel I need to share it with you.  While I don’t usually like girl singers, Calm Paradox hits a certain vibe that I don’t mind one bit.  I would say Kennedy comes of like a mix between Regina Spektor and Jenny Lewis, but it honestly depends on the song.  Her style even reminds me of Tsunami Bomb at times, though the music is nowhere close to being as aggressive.

“Boots” is my favorite track at the moment, but it might just be because of the catchy synth line that calls the Strokes’ “12:51” to mind.  Still, every song on How to Mind is well written and deserves at least a listen.  Kennedy was smart enough to make sure the tracks didn’t all sound the same, and her voice is the only consistent thread throughout the album.  “Influenza Tiger” does the acoustic-to-rocker thing way too well, and “Dystopia” might be a good place to start for any Metric fans.  Overall, this is a great debut for a 20 year old law student who should maybe reconsider her day job.  Now take a listen below!



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