Video!: The Concept – Gimme Twice

The Concept present the listener with a slight problem, and that might be an understatement.  One must ask, “Is there a limit to just how close can you be to sounding like another band?” Surely there must be a line somewhere, and unfortunately it seems the Concept have crossed it.  The band sounds exactly like Phoenix, to the point of it being uncanny.  The issue we as listeners face is deciding if that is alright, especially when the stle-swipers write songs tht are on par with their inspirers.

From the use of Thomas Mars’ obsession with repetition to the odd chirps he’s vocally fond of, the Concept ape every bit they can.  The synth bass, the ‘oh’s’, the chorus explosion, the slight accent (not actually their fault), and ever the damn melody itself is Phoenix.  There really is no mistaking it. In the end you can decide for yourself, but I will say that I will listen to this song forever but always feel dirty doing so.  I’ve never seen a band take inspiration to such sound-swiping heights, but maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to other bands.  This one caught my ears, and is bound to catch yours.



One response to “Video!: The Concept – Gimme Twice

  1. Thanks for your post. I love Phoenix! Heard this song in a store about two weeks ago, I kind of had the feeling it wasn’t Phoenix but it sounded a lot like them , so I thought of having a bit of a search on internet and ended up at your site. I agree with you, this sounds like copy and paste to me. It’s an alright song, but it could have easily featured on one of the last two Phoenix albums. I wonder what the rest of the Concept’s songs sound like?As a band I would feel pretty embarrassed and unoriginal if I put an album out with a sound that’s exactly the same as a well known band as Phoenix.
    Anyway, thanks again for posting this, I was really eager to find out who was behind this song. It drives me nuts when I don’t know a band’s name, it’s one of the great nuisances in life!

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