Howler @ Other Music 1/17/2012

Last night I was lucky enough to find my way to Other Music (the tiny record store on 4th street in Manhattan) to see a band called Howler. The newly–hyped  Minnesota group was having a CD release show before embarking on tour. Being that it was a rainy day, not as many people as expected turned out for the performance. Still, a line did begin to form around 8:45,  and the place was filled by about 9:05. There seemed to be a good deal of family and friends at the event, and the musicians wasted no time in greeting them outside. Of course, this also lined up with their prerequisite, pre-show cigarette break.

The store itself is so small that the few aisles of records needed to be cleared to the side in order for there to be enough room for anyone to stand. All in all, I would say about 40 people were there for the event. Oddly enough, the crowd itself didn’t seem too excited, and even Howler themselves made note of that a few times during their set. “You guys feeling gloomy?”

Despite the audience, the young garage rockers made no attempt at holding back, even when considering the size of the place. They played more than a few songs from their debut album, America Give Up, and it was easy to tell how much the group must practice. They’re quite a tight-knit unit, to say the very least. The only problem with the sound was that it was indeed difficult to make out lead singer Jordan Gatesmith’s voice (I think he himself had some trouble hearing it too, based on a few off notes), but even this is a small discrepancy. The band played well and that’s what counts. I’m sure tonight’s sound at Piano’s is certainly a good deal better.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the show, though I don’t believe I was lucky enough to capture the drummer wearing his own band’s shirt. They must do things differently in Minneapolis.


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