My Ideal 2012

This is a very quiet time of the year when it comes to new music.  Most major bands don’t start releasing material until February or March, so January can be seen as a reflective time.  2011’s Top 50 list took me quite a while to finish, but I must say that I’m pretty happy with it overall.  Now I find myself wondering what I should be looking forward to in 2012. If the Mayans are to be believed, the world shall be ending sometime in late December.  This only leaves 11 more months of new music until mankind is lost to the eons.  What do I want to see the indiesphere accomplish in that amount of time?

–  Of course, I’d really like a few new garage rock bands that put on great shows to boot.  Duh.

–  Therefore, Twin Berlin should put out an album.

–  I hope the new Shins album lives up to the hype and James Mercer didn’t make a mistake in sacking his band.

– I pray that the Strokes pull it together and make a solid new album and at least tour North America.

–  Locksley should explode and become the giant mainstream band they should have been all along.

–  A new Spoon album would obviously be great.  Duh.

–  The St. Vincent/David Byrne collaboration should come out, because it’s bound to be amazing.

–  Another drunken, ramshackle Almighty Defenders release please.

–  Cold War Kids could make an album similar to their first, or at least put out a barebones EP of their newer songs in that style.

–  Hot Hot Heat should tour and Steve Bays’ side project, Fur Trade, should release their album.

–  The Hives shall tour the US after their new album comes out.

That’s what I have so far, and I think there’s a good chance a few of these will happen.  Here’s a song…

The Replacements – Androgynous


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