Twin Berlin – There Goes My Virtue (EP)

There Goes My Virtue Cover Art

After a period of dormancy, Boston’s Twin Berlin return with a new EP produced by none other than Travis Barker himself.  Guitar Center brought the band and Blink-182 member together, and it just might be the only good thing the retail chain has ever done.  There Goes My Virtue is easily the best sounding batch of songs the band has released thus far, and hopefully will lead to better and bigger things for the garage rockers.  Still, at the very least, their exposure has already grown thanks to Barker’s name alone.

All three songs on the EP have been released before, whether it be “Can’t Take Take Take” in 2010 or “Give Up On Me” and “Don’t Hang Around” on the acoustic Back Seat Bingo EP.  The new versons are all electric and truly showcase the band’s garage aesthetic, and there’s even a slight punk vibe to “Give Up on Me” that might have been influenced by the producer himself (or maybe just the drums).  Either way, Twin Berlin is slowly growing into their talent, and it’s great that somebody other than a few sensible bloggers are starting to take notice.


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