Video: The Shins – “Simple Song”

Wow, this video is incredible.  From DANIELS (the same directors who made the equally mind-blowing video for Manchester Orchestra’s “Simple Math”) comes the first new Shins video in years.  Why should I attempt to explain anything when you can watch it right now?  Enjoy.

One response to “Video: The Shins – “Simple Song”

  1. Woah. The shins is one of those bands that is able to actually capture emotions from past experiences and bring them right back as if we were emotionally time traveling. The blend of this song and video is magical, immaculate, and unforgettable. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be living during a time that a band like The Shins exists… I’m simply blown away by everything they do. I am so anxious for the works on the new album… just three more weeks away!

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