Blowing Up: SPORTS

So far, 2012 has been a relatively slow year in new indie rock. After SXSW, there are usually 200 new bands for the media to start obsessing over. In the coming months, most of these bands will be blown out proportion and then quickly forgotten.  This is one of the few reasons I don’t really like the whole SXSW culture, but that’s a different topic.  While the band below will be at the ‘conference,’ I believe they have what it takes to last beyond any initial press they might receive. This is because the group already has what so many of these hype bands don’t, and that’s great songs.

Sports are a band from Rochester, New York. They play upbeat music that sometimes sounds like it might be the natural evolution of ska. That’s a good thing, trust me. The group makes a point to be fun and catchy at just about all times, and generally makes what I would call ‘music to my ears.’

 Their debut album came out in May 2011, and they’ve been busy supporting it ever since, most recently with said mini-tour to SXSW. In case you don’t have it, the debut is a cohesive collection of songs that make you want to move. That’s the ska connection, because no type of music makes one want to get up and dance more than ska. Yet, their biggest influence (which I guessed and the band happily confirmed) would have to the the one and only Elvis Costello. More specifically, Sports make a slightly more frantic music in the style his first few albums.  So if you like My Aim is True or This Year’s Model, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like this modern indie-pop version of it.

I got the chance to meet and speak with them when they stopped off for a recent show in New Brunswick, NJ.  From their stories, it’s’s easy to they’re all serious musicians who care an awful lot about their music and work extremely hard to promote it.  They are also very much humble, happy, and generally excited about music in all the right ways. Honestly, they come off exectly like the songs they perform, and that’s about the best compliment I could think to give.

While the band said they have half an album in the works, they are taking a quick, much deserved break after this tour. I expect I’ll be writing more about them soon enough, but for now have a listen to their album below. My favorites are “Do You Follow Me” and “Emily, Frankly.”


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