Video: Wyldlife – “City of Inbreds”

City of Inbreds cover art

I absolutely love Wildlife. Now I love Wyldlife, too. The band’s debut from last year is pure poppy garage rock goodness, and now it’s all over my iPod. This is an awesome thing, as the 70’s vibe fits right into that little retro world everybody occasionally needs to escape to. Between this and the new Free Energy album, I should be set for the year…

The video below is for the first single, “City of Inbreds,” and has everything that makes rock and roll great. Everything that makes rock and roll is namely attractive, tattooed girls. What can I say? I’m a simple guy. Enjoy.

Wyldlife – City of Inbreds


One response to “Video: Wyldlife – “City of Inbreds”

  1. LOVE these guys. Really liked this album a lot, totally agree with your assessment of “pure poppy garage rock band goodness”

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