Bear Cavalry – Maple Trail EP

Maple Trails cover art

If you had the Wombats collaborate with Little Comets, you’d get something pretty damn close to Bear Cavalry. The band hails from Gosport on the Southern English coast, and this excellent EP came out this last November. Like everything else in my life, I’m way behind in posting about it, but this will hopefully gives the group a little push well after the fact. Plus, this it the time of year to listen to it anyway…

My favorite track would probably be “Roman Summer,” as it has just the perfect vibe for the middle of a hot summer (unless you count the fact that it makes you want to dance, which could be dangerous in the heat). Also, the use of ska-tinged trumpets and peppy chanting over the other songs really helps the groups stand out from their indie pop contemporaries.

Honestly, the EP gets better and better every time you put it on. After repeated listens, I’m going to go as far to say that Bear Cavalry may well be onto something unique and addictive here. Enjoy!



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