We’re Ghosts Now – “Nothing ‘Bout You”


We’re Ghosts now are a New Jersey rock band who don’t really fit the image pictured when someone says ‘New Jersey rock band.’ That’s a good thing, because they make music better than most of the Garden State’s current output. Composed of Andrea Scaniello and brothers Jake, Max, and Ben Resnik, the band plays a bouncy rock and roll that sounds slightly classic but also fresh. I mean that in the sense that I’ve seen them rocking a bar, but wouldn’t be surprised to find them on the indie buzz band circuit.

They’ve recently put out the track below, and it’s a pretty good indicator of their style. Sound-wise, they fall pretty close to the Airborne Toxic Event, but bring far more energy and less depressive lyrics to the forefront. The group is currently recording their debut LP, and will hopefully get some more exposure when they have more material out.


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